Some 2000 exhibits reveal the vast diversity of jewellery over five thousand years. The collection on permanent display focuses on treasures from Greco-Roman antiquity, the Renaissance and Jugendstil/Art Nouveau as well as contemporary art jewellery. 

The Eva and Peter Herion Collection of Ethnographic Jewellery provides insights into the ways non-European, non-Western societies express themselves in adornment.

Ingeniously wrought pocket watches from the collection amassed by the Pforzheim watch manufacturer Philipp Weber document the craft of the watch-maker and goldsmith from the 17th to the 19th centuries — the technical advances made in mechanical watch movements as well as changing fashions and varying national styles in watch design.

The history of the jewellery industry in the ›golden‹ city of Pforzheim is also surveyed. In addition, visitors can continue to rediscover the Museum at regular special exhibitions.
Just a five-minute walk away the Technical Museum of Pforzheim’s Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries gives visitors an opportunity to get an impression of how jewellery and watches were manufactured.