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The Secret of Luxury – The Art of Jewellery-Making by Wellendorff

Trying to make the impossible possible is a hallmark of the long-established Wellendorff manufactory, whose iconic creations are the result of superlative goldsmithing skills that have brought about patented innovations, as well as of exquisite materials, a lot of passion and uncompromising quality. What makes all the difference is not only what we see but also what we feel: silky-smooth flexibility. The company’s goal has always been to meet the requirements of a discerning international clientele while pushing the boundaries of what’s feasible, and to answer the question of what luxury is and can be.


Always doing their best has been the bedrock of the family-run company since Ernst Alexander Wellendorff presented his jewellery for the first time in 1893 to the high nobility who were residing in Baden-Baden, Germany, for their summer retreat.


The exhibition, presented in a way that makes for a Black-Forest-themed atmosphere, explores the essence of the Wellendorff manufactory’s art of jewellery making. The centrepiece is the world’s longest gold cord that seemingly delineates a horizon in a 19-meter-long showcase. It appeals to all our senses, and it has also been planned to give visitors an opportunity to experience the haptic feel of the classic gold cord.

In addition, members of the Wellendorff family and some of the company’s staff, as well as customers and jewellery lovers, give interesting insights and talk about their special affinity with these jewellery treasures, inviting visitors to get immersed into this fascinating world and to trace the secret of luxury.

Exhibition concept: Cornelie Holzach, Katja Poljanac

Admission 10 €, reduced price 8,50 €, special and permanent exhibition 12,50 €