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Upcoming exhibitions

Gone Astray – Jewellery and utensils on the fringe of reason

Where does usefulness end, and where does experimenting far beyond functionality begin? The show will be spotlighting jewellery, utensils and other objects that question conventional perspectives.

6 October 2023 through 14 January 2024

Opens on Thursday, 5 October, 7 p.m.

Gabi Dziuba & Friends

Curated by Cornelie Holzach, Vera Gliem, Elisabeth Heine and Stephan Strsembski in collaboration with Pforzheim Arts Association

On view in the year of Ornamenta 2024, this exhibition will be harkening back to Ornamenta I in 1989 because the then zeitgeist and the blurred boundaries between jewellery, design and art had a formative effect on Gabi Dziuba.

25 February through 26 May 2024

Opens on Saturday, 24 February, 7 p.m.